Hand-Forged Ferrier File Knife

Hand-Forged Ferrier File Knife


Discover the Hand-Forged Farrier File Knife by R&A Customs, featuring a unique textured blade and a stunning resin-walnut handle for a perfect blend of form and function.

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Hand-Forged Ferrier File Knife

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Introducing the Hand-Forged Ferrier File Knife, a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Each knife is meticulously created by a father and son team in South Carolina, ensuring that every piece carries a story as rich as its design. The Hand-Forged Farrier File Knife is not just a cutting tool; it’s an heirloom that brings the legacy of artisanal skill to your fingertips.

Robust Materials and Design

The blade of the Hand-Forged Farrier File Knife is fashioned from high-quality farrier files, known for their carbon-rich steel that promises durability and a long-lasting edge. This knife is a testament to the rugged beauty of D2 Carbon Steel and Damascus Steel, materials renowned for their resilience and ageless appeal.

Unique Handle Construction

The handle is where the Hand-Forged Farrier File Knife truly shines. A striking combination of resin and walnut ensures a comfortable grip and a stunning aesthetic. The swirling patterns of the resin paired with the timeless elegance of walnut wood make each knife a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Custom Leather Sheath

No Hand-Forged Farrier File Knife is complete without its custom leather sheath. Handcrafted to fit each blade snugly, the sheath is as functional as it is stylish, protecting the knife when not in use and adding an extra touch of rustic charm to the ensemble.

Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, or as a thoughtful gesture to a loved one, the Hand-Forged Farrier File Knife is a gift that carries the weight of history and the promise of utility. It’s an ideal present for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life, the outdoorsman, chef, or collector.


The Hand-Forged Farrier File Knife from R&A Customs is more than just a knife. It’s a functional piece of art, handcrafted with passion and precision. With its robust blade, unique handle, and protective sheath, it stands out in the world of custom knives. This knife isn’t just a tool; it’s a treasure that brings the art of hand-forging to the modern age.

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The blade of this R&A Custom Knife is a true work of metallurgical art, hand-forged from a farrier file. Farrier files are known for their high carbon content, resulting in a blade that is exceptionally hard and capable of retaining a sharp edge. The unique crosshatch pattern etched into the steel not only signifies its origin but also contributes to a distinctive aesthetic, blending rugged functionality with a touch of elegance.


The handle of this R&A Custom Knife is a fusion of functionality and artistic flair, combining resin with walnut for a striking appearance. The resin provides a durable, water-resistant surface with a deep, lustrous sheen that highlights the swirling color pattern. Complementing it is the walnut, a wood prized for its strength and smooth grain, offering a comfortable grip and a warm, classic finish that makes each knife unique.