Serving Western North Carolina since 2012


After retiring from a life of public service in 2012, Carl Littlefield and his wife Cheryl looked for a way to justify spending six months a year in the Highlands – Cashiers area. While respite and diversion allowed them to escape the heat and humidity of Florida; they realized that they missed their time in the world of retail. Neither hiking nor golf was their thing, so the creation and subsequent operation of MANtiques was born. It would be their way to provide meaningful diversion and a way to keep them active.

For Carl, an avid collector for over 40 years, it has always been about “the hunt” and the satisfaction in discovering the history and provenance of a unique collectible. He also loves sharing his stories and possible decorative ideas with those who appreciate his prized “treasures” from another time.

Today, MANtiques is a shop – but not just any shop. It’s a combination museum, treasure chest, and scavenger hunt all rolled into a rustic sanctuary for memorabilia, antiques, furniture, and other fine collectibles. It’s a place that pays homage to the nostalgia of yesterday. While the store reflects a masculine feel – those of the female persuasion will also find Mantiques oddly alluring and not so much “manly” but very much in keeping with traditional and authentic mountain/lodge décor.

Today, people who venture out to downtown Brevard, NC will find a very matured MANtiques with four floors filled with intriguing “finds” from days gone by. Those “finds” include collectibles crafted from wood and steel and bone and hide, hardy stuff that was subject to the rigors of the forge, anvil and hammer, and delicate treasures rendered with carving knives and fine grit sandpaper, and finished with steady, sure brush strokes.

MANtiques is a great place to shop or simply browse or listen to Carl or the MANtiques’ staff enchantingly describe the story behind a newly acquired “treasure”.  It’s a great place to just drop by and hang out – and be comfortable.

That’s what makes Mantiques special. Stop in at the Brevard store and take it all in. It’s an exciting destination that you don’t want to miss.  Many people have said it was their favorite store ever… it could be yours, too!

Destination Store for the Southeastern United States

After 40 years as a collector … it’s about “the hunt.” And the satisfaction in discovering the history and provenance of a unique collectable or time cherished antique. I love sharing stories and decorative ideas for these treasures with those who also appreciate prized artifacts from another time.

– Carl Littlefield